Program 800+

Teaching Schedule for 800+ Commemoration ceremony

16. to 23.07Annual weeklong Achi Drupbchen in old temple
800+ Special Zamabhala Drubchen in the new Bodhi Stupa
Workshop and seminar on the importance of rites and rituals, guided by Lhopon Yeshe Jamyang, as per request of His Holiness Drikung Kyagon.
July 23 Grand ceremonial reception for His Holiness His Holiness
July 24 Preparatory Initiation of Chenrezig Wangchen (Avalokiteshvara)
14:30 Teachings on Four Dharmas of Lord Gampopa.
In evening, theatrical performance on life story of Jigten Sumgön by student groups
His Holiness

H.E. Choje Tokdan Rinpoche
July 25 Actual Initiation of Chenrezig Wangchen (Avalokiteshvara )WangchenHis Holiness
July 26 Teachings and Empowerment of the great Yogi Melarepa H.E Drubwang Nupa Rinpoche
July 27 Inauguration ceremony, Annual Mask dance and colorful cultural program.
In the evening candle light march for world peace
July 28 The Great Drigung Phowa-Chenmo initiation and ceremony
Long life Initiation and long life Mandala offering to His Holiness Chetsang according to the great yogi Thangthong Gyalpo tradition
His Holiness

Ladakh Pilgrimage Tour with H.E. Drubwang Nupa Rinpoche

29. July Lamayuru Monastery
30. July Alchi Monastery, Likir Monastery, overnight in Phyang Monastery
31. JulyChangthang, Lunch in Tangtse, Tsong Offering at the holy Jigten Sumgon Temple and overnight in Sharchukul Monastery
01. the morning travel to Pangong Lake, Special Smoke offering Riwo Sangchod and Achi Sangchod will be performed.
Return to Phyang Monastery.
02. Aug. Hemis Thiksey monastery, Shay Palace.
03.-05, Aug.100,000 special Mani recitation retreat will be presided over by H.E.Drupwang Rinpoche at the Jokhang Temple in Leh.
07. Aug. H.E.Drubwang Rinpoche will depart to Delhi in the morning flight.

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