With utmost respect, we would like to inform you that the monasteries and community of the Drigung Kagyud lineage from all over Ladakh will celebrate 801 glorious years of our Buddhist lineage at Tserkarmo Monastery.

This will be the final celebration commemorating the 800th-year anniversary of the passing into Parinirvana of Lord Jigten Sumgön, the founder of the Drigung Kagyud tradition.

We are absolutely delighted and honored to be officially chosen to host this wonderful historic event in central Ladakh this summer from the 23rd to 28th July 2018.

This auspicious gathering of devotees and followers of Buddhism from across the globe will celebrate the spiritual legacy of Lord Jigten Sumgön and its remarkable contributions of wisdom and compassion for the whole of humanity and to world peace. For Buddhists, it is of special importance to celebrate both the last and the first year of the new century of a spiritual anniversary.